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Sixth Edition

Arthur Whimbey, Text Reconstruction Across the Curriculum Institute

Jack Lochhead, DeLiberate Thinking

"This book engages thinking. The 'Think Aloud' method featured here helps readers become more aware of how they think and provides models of expert thinking, as well. By so doing, it assists them to actively construct and refine their own skills of problem solving and reasoning. Happily, this method is also applicable to a wide range of other cognitive tasks or skills and can be applied productively to classroom instruction at intermediate and secondary school levels." —Barry Beyer, Professor Emeritus, George Mason University

"This classic of the practical art of thinking offers abundant examples and savvy tips to sharpen students' minds." —David Perkins, Harvard University

Praise for previous editions of Problem Solving and Comprehension:

"Problem Solving and Comprehension has proven invaluable to our students in learning to talk and work through algebraic problems in math and analogies in English."—Alice L. Joosens, Reading Resource Specialist

"This selfstudy guide to improve analytical thinking skills....is organized and nicely written."—The Mathematics Teacher

"The book is excellent!"—Curriculum Services

This popular book shows students how to increase their power to analyze problems and to comprehend what they read. First, it outlines and illustrates the method that good problem solvers use in attacking complex ideas. Then, it provides practice in applying these methods to a variety of comprehension and reasoning questions.

Books on the improvement of thinking processes have tended to be complicated and less than useful, but the authors of this renowned text emphasize a simple but effective approach. The "Whimbey method" of teaching problem solving is now recognized as an invaluable means of teaching people to think. Problems are followed by their solutions, presented in easytofollow steps. This feature permits students to work without supervision, outside the classroom. As students work through the book they will see a steady improvement in their analytical thinking skills, and will develop confidence in their ability to solve problems—on tests; in academic courses; and in any occupations that involve analyzing, untangling, or comprehending knotty ideas.

By helping students to become better problem solvers, this book can assist students in achieving higher scores on tests commonly used for college and job selection such as:

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • ACT Work Keys
  • Terra Nova Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Wonderlic Personnel Test
  • United States Employment Service General Aptitude Test Battery
  • Civil Service Examination

New in the 6th edition: A totally new chapter—"Meeting Academic and Workplace Standards: How This Book Can Help"—describes changes in the educational system in the past 20 years and shows how the techniques taught in this book relate to the new educational standards and tests.

Changes throughout the book reflect current educational and social realities: the names of some characters have been changed to represent more accurately the crosssection of students attending today's schools; dates in some problems have been changed; in other problems the technology referred to has been updated.

Contents: Preface. Test Your MindSee How It Works. Errors in Reasoning. ProblemSolving Methods. Verbal Reasoning Problems. Six Myths About Reading. Analogies. Writing Relationship Sentences. How to Form Analogies. Analysis of Trends and Patterns. Deductive and Hypothetical Thinking Through Days of the Week. Solving Mathematical Word Problems. The PostWASI Test. Meeting Academic and Workplace Standards: How This Book Can Help. How to Use Pair Problem Solving. Appendices: Answer Key. Compute Your Own IQ.

0805832742 [paper] / 1999 / 400pp. / $17.00

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